Meet our team

The Farmer

The backbone - busy preparing beds, seeding, planting, irrigating, cultivating, harvesting, managing pests, building, etc, etc.

Happiest when there are no weeds to be seen...

Farmer's Daughter

Manages to pack Home Delivery orders and do some weed cultivating in between her Year 11 studies.

Happiest when the WiFi is working, and at knock off time...

The Farmers Wife 

Sales, marketing, orders, accounts, harvesting, turning veggies into yummy food. AKA Superwoman, or The Boss. 

Happiest when all her boxes are ticked...

Farmer's Daughter

Cheery, outgoing, gregarious, cheeky. Was once our customer's fave at  the Real Food Market. Currently AWOL! Last seen boarding a flight to Canada...

Happiest when talking...

Market Queen

Coordinates and packs your Home Delivery and Wholesales orders, and  cheekily manages The Boss.

Happiest when technology is working...

Lil' Red
Public Relations

Miss Kelpie who has all the breeding and intelligence to be useful, but really isn't - except for the joy she brings us all!

Happiest when rounding up the Guinea Fowl or chasing Skippy's cousins...

Right Hand Man

The Farmer's offsider in building, maintenance, irrigation, transplanting, harvesting, mowing etc, etc.

Happiest on his YZ85 or playing futsal...

Quality Control

Our resident hopping grass-eating rodent who is slowly gaining her independence, but still needs her morning kisses.

Happiest when devouring banana smoothie... 

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