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Left on your doorstep in a chilled box to keep it fresh for hours!  That's convenient!

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                     "Your produce is a treat"  ~ Kaye

Homegrown & Homemade

Try our range of vegie pies, lasange, relishes, pestos, nut butter and much more. 

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If you don't have time to make an order, and just want fresh organic veggies to turn up in your kitchen each week without thinking about it, maybe you would like to purchase a VeggieYumBox. You choose the value of the veggies you would like ($20, $30, $35, $50, etc) and we select its contents from our super fresh produce - taking into consideration your pre-arranged preferences and aversions, of course!

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Family Grown

Fully 100% of the vegetables we sell are grown by us - Rod & Desley Bailey and our kids Hannah, Ella & Jack in our chemical free Rollands Plains garden. From our family to yours.

Meet Desley and Kelli at our Homegrown Organics stalls!

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Locally Grown

We believe that locally grown food is a key part of a healthy and sustainable community. Our passion & purpose is helping to educate and assist others towards eating and living a healthy lifestyle while ourselves thriving on the agrarian lifestyle of hard work, healthy eating, and purposeful living. 

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Super Fresh

Homegrown Organics are the masters of fresh locally grown veggies - picked just 24 hours or less before market or delivery. We want your family to only have the best!

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our super-fresh produce - you won't be disappointed!

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We share our full range of nutritious seasonal veggies through the Real Food Market in Port Macquarie, the Bellingen Growers & Producers Market, and conveniently via direct home/workplace delivery, and through discerning local restaurants & cafe’s who value our local produce.

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