Winter is Here!

, by Rod Bailey


Winter is Here!

Tuesday morning we had our first frost - just a gentle reminder that winter was coming. Another followed Wednesday morning, but Thursday morning was warm. 

Then this morning - WHAMMO! Minus 5ºC!  "I'm here!"

Goodbye eggplant, goodbye capsicum, goodbye zucchini. Some of the tomato's seemed to have survived to fight another day, but who knows when the next freeze will knock them off. Goodbye cucumbers - you can see the Russian Cucumber vines all rolled up in the photo above. They're done for another year, but that's alright - a change is as good as a holiday, and as the season's change, so can we.

Jack and his friends Alex, Daniel, Rachel and Lorinda jumping the cucumber roll above have all grown up in and around this garden. It has been great joy to watch them grow season by season into little people with personalities and characters and skills and preferences - little people that their parents can be proud of. They will experience many unknowns and challenges every season ahead of them, but I see in each one strength and resilience developing that will enable them to face inevitable uncertainties with courage and confidence.

And may they have learned that with each season's change comes new opportunities, and that by late spring, the tomatoes will be back...

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