Who knows what tomorrow brings

, by Desley Bailey

Last week our email started out like this...

"We were blessed with about 50mm of rain in the last day or so - may it rain long and hard on the heads of every Aussie farmer who needs it!

And the rain kept coming and kept coming until we had much more than enough in a very short period of time. For many farmers, this was just what they needed. For us, although it is great to see our dam almost full (see dam before and after photo above), it has taken a very heavy toll on our garden with more than 80% of our crops now waterlogged and rotting (of course, the weeds are thriving). So it is start over for us!

Consequently, we will not have enough produce for orders neither to be at either the Real Food Markets or the Bellingen Farmers and Producers Market this week. Instead will use the time to rip our rotting plants out and get started on replanting.

If you find yourself at a loss this week, with time on your hands, and not knowing what to do to fill it, you are welcome to come to the farm and help us start again. Monday or Wednesday would be the best days for us and you may even find a few veggies hiding amongst the mess that you can take home. There will be carrots ;)

We will keep you posted as to our progress and when we will have produce to sell again. Until then - make the most of today cause who knows what tomorrow will bring!


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