Finally - a new name!

, by Rod Bailey


Finally - A new name!

This has been more difficult (if possible) than naming one of our children! But we have finally found something that goes some way towards portraying what is important to us in our business.

Home - family, friendliness, good memories, laughs, comfortable, safety, retreat, community, where we want to be...

Homegrown - personal, with love & care, special, fresh, locally grown, artisan, guaranteed...

So "Homegrown Organics" it is! 

Our graphic designer Vlad (in Romania) is working on our new logo as we speak, and over the next few weeks we will transition from The Eastward Garden in both our branding and our invoices etc. Some of you may have already received an invoice from "Masters of Fresh" this week - this is our company name, and we will also use ths name as our tagline, because it describes that quaility of produce that is super important to us - freshness.

Hope you like it - and thanks to everyone who helped with your suggestions!


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