, by Desley Bailey


Defn: (noun) a marked change in form, nature or appearance

Our garden has gone through a transformation over the past couple of weeks. From a watery, weedy "swamp" of rotting plants to an orderly, clean garden of new healthy seedlings basking in the warm sun of perfect autumn days. It's amazing what some dry weather and a few extra hands can do - and not just for the garden!

Our minds have also changed. It can be discouraging looking at a watery weedy swamp, especially when your faithful customers are patiently (mostly ?) waiting for their favourite veggies to be back on the list. But there is so much satisfaction and reward in a healthy and orderly garden full of seedlings that will soon be food for us all. It's good for the eye and the soul! So special thanks to Rod, Hannah, Ella, Jack, Larry and the others who have made it all happen.

By the responses to last weeks email, many of you are also keen to experience the rewards of a flourishing garden at your place. There may be no better way to use your time and bless your mind than to grow your own food - it's time to do it! See below for a list of seedlings available from our garden, and how to order.

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