Smooth Sailing - NOT!

, by Desley Bailey


Smooth Sailing - Not!

We have a name, we have a logo, we have veggies, we have customers, we are all set! Should be smooth sailing from here right? Wrong! It always amazes me how we can solve a problem only just to find the same problem is back sometime down the track. 

For us this week it is mice. Mice and rats love to eat our seeds right out of our seedling trays before they even have a chance to germinate. We can plant one day, and the next we find the varmints have dug into the seedraising mix and eaten every seed they could find. They especially love the larger seeds - beetroot, spinach, chard, pumpkins, zucchini, etc. 

We thought we had solved this problem a few years ago by putting a wire mesh over the top of the seeds as soon as they were planted. This worked well until this last week. The cunning litttle critters have devised a new way of getting to our seeds - somehow clambering upside down along the timbers that suppport the trays, and then squeezing through the gaps between the trays!

Rod has had to make a run into town today to buy some more mesh and devise some new way of protecting the seeds. In the mean time we have lost 2 plantings of betts and spinach to the bellies of  mice! Not only is this a waste of resources but it will also put our transplants behind schedule which puts harvest back and so it goes...

Life's like that. I have heard it said that without the bad times, the good times wouldn't be as good and without sorrow, joy would not be as full. In everything give thanks!


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