Seedlings anyone?

, by Rod Bailey


Every second Wednesday I plant thousands of seeds into seedling trays. It is one of my most productive activities, an aspect of gardening that I really like, and a key to having a continual supply of veggies coming out of the garden.

Maybe you have been planting some seeds recently? My contacts in the seed business tell me that seeds have been flying off their shelves at about the same rate as toilet paper in Woolies - and maybe you have contributed to that demand? If so, good onya, and I hope, expecially if you are a beginning gardener, that you have success, that the habit sticks, and that you and your family are richly blessed as you work with nature!

A number of you have contacted us and asked if we sell seedlings. We haven't done much of that to date, but your requests prompted me to seed 80 or 90 punnets on Sunday with a variety of veggies (silverbeet, rainbow chard, zucchini, kale, broccoli, etc) for sale to you. Interested? Those already seeded will be ready in a few weeks, and I will give you a list next week exactly what is available, price etc.

But what would work best for me is if you pre-ordered now exactly what you might want, to be delivered when they are ready for transplanting. So please send us an email or message and I will send you a list of what is available.

Happy gardening!

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