Rod's (& Jack's) New Toy

, by Desley Bailey


Rod (& Jack's) New Toy

Rod's (& Jack's) New Toy

Preparing our raised garden beds is a time consuming, back tiring task that is done before each new crop is planted. We remove vegetable matter (old crop, weeds, etc), broadfork, fertilise, incorporate the fertiliser, reform the bed by taking soil from the paths and put it up onto the bed, and then rake the bed top to prepare for seeds or seedlings. 

Depending on how hard the ground, how hot the day, and how tired the Rod, it can take up to an hour to turn over a bed. Rod likes to get it right, but it's his least favourite task...

Yesterday we took delivery of our new walk behind tractor and implements. This little beauty will take the back work out of bed preparation - the rotary plough (above) will form the beds up effortlessly and weed the paths as it goes, and the power harrow will incorporate vegetable matter/fertiliser and leave a beautifully prepared surface.

All of this is particularly significant as we are about to start expanding the garden to cater for increasing demand for our freshest of veggies. Happy days!


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