My Inspiration

, by Desley Bailey


2020 has not started well for us or our garden.

Intense heat making work in the garden exhausting, copious amounts of rain destroying 90% of our crops but fuelling the weeds, an explosion of mildew from crops being wet for so long, and most recently the loss of Rod's father.

I have to confess, I have asked the questions, "Why are we doing this? Is now, when everything is such a mess, a good time to quit and do something else?" Reasonable questions at such a time I reckon! But when I asked Rod, "Why are we doing this?", his answer was simple, "Because it is the right thing to do."

Day after day, through rain, intense heat, disappointment or sorrow, Rod goes down to the garden and works to do what he can to bring the best out of what we have. He believes in what we are doing. He sees the benefits to himself, our family, and our community, and feels 'called' to grow this garden for us and for you.

Rod is my inspiration! Who is yours?

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