Minority Groups

, by Desley Bailey


Have you ever considered yourself part of a minority group? I don't generally think of myself as belonging to one, except perhaps when I am travelling away from the coastal strip of Australia and looking for good vegetarian, preferably vegan, food to eat! 
At these times, I can be tempted to get a little frustrated that my only option is often an anemic salad sandwich, or good old hot potato chips - and we won't talk about the oil they are cooked in - blah. 
Recently I have been thinking about the inconveniences experienced by an even smaller foodie group - those who need to be both vegetarian/vegan AND gluten free - and I am increasingly realising how limited their options are. 
I have friends in this spot, and have often rushed in my own kitchen to prepare something appropriate for such visitors. But what must it be like when eating out, and what could we do about it? I guess all of our veggies are gluten free, but a raw carrot and a handful of salad mix is maybe not one’s favourite lunchtime meal. 
So recently we starting to make gluten free versions of my pies and rolls to sell at our markets, and they seem to have hit the spot for GF foodies. 

Are you a minority group foodie of another sort? Or are you looking for lunch box ideas? If you have any suggestions for me of how to better cater for the needs or minority groups of our community, let me know. I'd love to hear from you. 


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