Making Do

, by Desley Bailey


My Mum and Dad knew how to 'make do'. Times were tough trying to make ends meet with five kids going to private school. So we all learnt to 'make do'.

Only two new sets of clothes per year - one mid year, and one as a Christmas present. Generally they were homemade, including homemade swimmers! Yep, that's me above! Ugh! So embarrassing!

Instead of buying erasers or glue to use at home, a piece of brown bread squished into a ball worked well as an eraser, and good old water and flour was our glue.

What I learnt back then has helped us with the unexpected weather events of 2020. We are having to 'make do' here on the farm, utilising what we have on hand to generate income in place of our lost crops.

So... drum roll... Introducing Homegrown & Homemade Meals.

We are expanding our prepared foods, starting with family size pies and lasagnes, and will add something else to our list each week as we are able. Our goal is "Convenience without Compromise" - made from our organic veggies and deliciously healthy and vegan. You will be able to order these items from the Open Food Network along with the other items we offer.

There are times when we all need to 'make do'. Perhaps some of you are having to 'make do' without toilet paper at the moment (Perspective: some populations don't ever use toilet paper ?). The fact is that 'making do' has never hurt anyone. To the contrary it can lead to new opportunities, and perhaps more importantly, teach us and our children lessons about needs vs wants. Time to take a fresh look at our expectations!

Happy weekend!

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