Kelli Says Hello

, by Desley Bailey


Hi Masters Of Fresh Community! It's Desley's sidekick Kelli here writing my very first email to you all!

Firstly a bit of background on how I came to be part of this beautiful family. After unexpectedly having to move from the Central Coast - where I'd lived all my life - I ended up in Wauchope not knowing anyone. After connecting with one lovely lady, I was introduced to the amazing Depression & Anxiety Recovery Programme (DARP) which the beautiful Desley was facilitating. 

Desley being Desley was just so lovely and supportive, and after a few more interactions we discovered that she needed help with the Real Food Market, and that I was a bit lost and needing a purpose, and well... you can guess what happened next. I now help at the Real Foods and Bellingen markets, and with other aspects of the business.

Each week I am absolutely amazed at how much this incredible family do, and do with a smile. I am challenged by the physical work. I am challenged by the huge days. I'm challenged on the days when my mental health is not at it's best, but I need to keep pushing myself whatever the day throws at me and despite the challenges I am so SO thankful to be given this opportunity.

I love that the market stall holders are so kind and supportive of each other and our lovely Homegrown Organics customers (YOU!) are so kind and patient. I am ever so thankful for the people I met through the DARP, and for Desley, Rod, Hannah, Ella and Jack - everyone is always so happy and enthusiastic about living the happiest and healthiest life. It is inspiring me on my own journey to become healthier and happier, which I am definitely achieving! I'm learning more and more each day about gardening, produce, people, life - and of course myself - and I'm enjoying every minute of it!

Until next time!

Kel :)

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