Kale, Kale, Kale

, by Desley Bailey


Kale, Kale, Kale...

Tis the season for Kale!

We grow kale all year round but now is the 'season' kale loves best. Not too cold, not too hot - just right for kale.

Consequently, we have an over abundance of all things kale. I have a huge stack of trays on my dehydrator at the moment, full of kale chips. I have pesto, I have kale powder, I am using it in salads. What else can I do with kale?

My challenge for you this week is to send me your favourite recipe or way to use lots of kale. I am looking for something I haven't tried yet and I am looking for something that I can do with kale to then sell at the market. The top 3 winning recipes will get - drum roll......  a free bunch of kale (or two or three!) and a packet of kale chips! I bet that gets you excited and searching for that special recipe to share!

So looking forward to you going 'beyond the kale of duty' to help me out here. 


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