Get Connected

, by Desley Bailey


Get Connected

It's been 2 days and 19 hours since I last saw Ella! But who's counting?

I want to say a big thank you to so many of you who sent messages to Ella or came to the market last week to say goodbye or sent me messages over the past few days expressing your kind thoughts of encouragement. We (our family & Kelli) feel very blessed to belong to such a caring community of people. And that got me thinking....

?What makes a community? What makes us feel we are part of a community? What makes us feel we are not part of a community? Why are more and more individuals in society becoming more and more isolated? Why are some of the very things that are supposed to make us connected contributing to that isolation? It's ironic for example, that something called 'Social Media' is actually one of the most isolating forces of our world. How is it someone with hundreds, if not thousands of friends on Facebook or followers on Instagram, will commit suicide because they have no sense of belonging or support? Crazy!

I was talking to one of the beautiful Mums of our community on the phone one day and she said something that I have NEVER heard a parent say before. She told me that it is hard for her to text or talk on her phone because she has decided that she will not be distracted by her phone when her little one is with her.

Another of our wholesale customers has just made the decision to close their cafe one day per week because they want to be home and more present with their children.

A community is formed when people with common interests, values, or tastes etc, meet and share and care - when they connect. And the most foundational community we will ever belong to is our family. Let's get connected!


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