A message from Ella...

, by Desley Bailey


As Australians, we are fed a lot of American culture - books, movies, TV shows, food and celebrities surround us - and we drink it all up. My visit to the US (remember I am studying in Canada now) during Christmas holidays really woke me up to this:

Did you ever see pictures or read about yellow school buses in story books growing up, and wonder if they were actually a thing? I sure did, and when I saw my first real live yellow school bus... it was exciting!

I ate at one of those quaint little 'Western' themed diners for the first time a few weeks ago! And the cute little neighborhoods pictured in my childhood story books actually exist! How cool is that? After absorbing so much American culture growing up, it was amazing to experience it first hand. 

As I think about this, I wonder if I fulfil the 'stereotype' given to us Aussies. Everyone I talk to over here seems to think that we are a tough and hardy people - hard working, resilient, resourceful, punching above our weight, ready to take on whatever comes up, yet easy going and fun loving. They believe that our culture is one of making the best of difficulties, and of mateship, and brotherhood - the Aussie spirit.

And I think we are like that, and the last few months of fires in our country are bringing that out into full view for all to see. We are ready to take on whatever comes. We are resilient. We are willing to help our mate - though we've never met her before, she has a need, and we can fill it. We will come through - together.

Now that's something worth being known for - better than yellow buses! 


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